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Wikis erfolgreich im Intranet einsetzen

Using Wikis on the Intranet

Maish Nichani on wiki-able work practices:

“Wikis offer a simple shared space to collaborate on things that really matter. This does not translate into the “build it and they will come” thinking. Rather, as described in this article, wikis will work only if all of the following are present:

  • The right culture. The talking, negotiating type.
  • A practical, compelling reason to collaborate, to share (it helps if they are a number of practical, compelling reasons).
  • A champion who can show the way.”

Wikis im Projekteinsatz

What Is a Wiki (and How to Use One for Your Projects) of Tom Stafford and Matt Webb on exploring organizational wiki use:

“Wikis are at their best when a small number of people are working intensely on related material. They’re messy, immediate, and a powerful way of sharing thinking space with your collaborators. Once you’ve used a wiki for a project, you’ll find it hard to go back to regular methods. You’ll find yourself using wiki syntax in emails, and your own WikiWords in conversation. Using the wiki as your notebook will ensure you don’t lose the seeds of good ideas, and spending time browsing and gardening will keep those ideas returning when you need them. Most of all, you’ll find that having a shared memory on a large project moves the administrivia out of the way and lets you concentrate on the real job.”

The Myth, Reality & Future of Web 2.0

Om Malik on the future of Web 2.0:

“The Myth of Web 2.0 is the investment opportunities. The reality of Web 2.0 is too little original thinking. Web 2.0, simply put, is a set of technologies and a new kind of thinking, which companies like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and AOL are incorporating in their products. That ´s the reality and the future of Web 2.0. Looking out further, Web 2.0 technologies could and should make an impact in the Enterprise, that boring place we call work!”