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Technologie- und Unternehmensprognosen für 2007

Feuerwerk Zehn Prognosen für 2007 zusammengestellt von Dion Hinchcliffe:

“1. Enterprise 2.0 and Office 2.0 will face off as leading new terms for online business software and no one will win.
2. A few high-profile misuses of Enterprise 2.0 will crop up but will fail to put much of a damper on things.
3. Effective enterprise search will emerge as a key prerequisite for Enterprise 2.0 success.
4. A surprisingly fierce battle will ensue between the big software makers and the small Enterprise 2.0 startups.
5. Consumerization of the enterprise will continue apace and will help drive Enterprise 2.0 adoption at the grassroots level.
6. Not a dent will be made in 2007 in the installed base of pre-existing collaborative tools such as e-mail, telephone, and IM.
7. It will be a make or break year for the first round of Enterprise 2.0 tools that add a process aspect.
8. Compliance tools will get the rug pulled out from under them as users flock to easier tools out of desperation.
9. A number of Enterprise 2.0 projects will see lower than expected returns due to excessive structure and low social interaction.
10. Despite the potential for other types of applications, blogs and wikis will dominate the Enterprise 2.0 landscape in 2007.”

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