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Is IBM Making Enterprise Mashups Respectable?

Dion Hinchcliffe in ZDNet’s Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog:

“Interestingly, most enterprises I talk to these days barely have mashups on their radar, yet I also continually hear from those same folks about how hard it is to create increasingly integrated business applications, as well as the slow pace of rolling out new functionality to users and customers. There indeed seems to be a rising corporate appetite for faster, more effective ways of building applications particularly when reusing existing IT software and information assets.”

So What Does Web 2.0 in the Enterprise Look Like?

Peter Rip in EarlyStageVC on two possible parallel futures for Web 2.0 in the Enterprise:

Big Enterprise 2.0
In many ways the penetration of “Mashup-like” technologies should be easy. A large part of Enterprise IT ´s budget is spent on application integration. The challenge for Mashup techniques will be the balance between ease of use and sophistication. (…)

Small Enterprise 2.0
It is completely conceivable that the future of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise looks a lot like Google 2.0″