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Göhring, Happ (2006): E-Channel Concept for Customer Relationship Management; 1. International Research Symposium EuroBlog am 17.03.2006 in Stuttgart:


Göhring, Michaeli (2006): Kundengemeinschaften im Web 2.0: Blogstrategien im Kundenmanagement; in Meißner, Engellen (Hrsg. 2006) Tagungsband: Virtuelle Organisation und neue Medien 2006; GeNeMe2006 am 28.09.2006 in Dresden:


Göhring, Happ, Müller (2006): Web 2.0 im Kundenmanagement; in Hildebrand, Hofmann (Hrsg. 2006): Social Software; HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik Heft 252, Dezember 2006, Seiten 55-65. Auszüge:

The Coming Software Shakeup

strategy + business on the future of enterprise software by Mitch Rosenbleeth, Corrie DeCamp, and Stephen Chen:

The Coming Software Shakeup

“Five years ago, 11 companies controlled 90 percent of the database market; now only six do. In business applications, the trend is even more pronounced: Seventy percent of the market is now controlled by just 35 companies, compared with more than 120 companies in 2000.

About 25 percent of software is already sold by subscription; that ´s likely to increase to more than 50 percent in the next four years. This approach will also speed acceptance of software as a service, which lets customers access programs via the Web and pay only for the amount of time that they use the software.”