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Constant Innovation As Strategic Agenda

The strategic objective for successful enterprises is constant innovation. But how turn your knowledge workers into innovation creators? Rod Boothby’s presentation on the need to create an environment for a constant stream of innovation with a new class of Web 2.0 applications.

This paper discusses new approaches to managing for constant innovation and new tools for fostering innovation, such as enterprise blogs, Wikis, and Web Office Technology.

Knowledge Management 2.0 – A Structured (Blogging) Approach to Knowledge Management

Manish Dhingra focused on “how to build a quick solution to inculcate Knowledge Sharing in an organization, using the raw power and versatility, structured blogging (SB) gives you.” Here is his PPT presentation.

Luis Suarez, KM Specialist from IBM comments about Knowledge Management 2.0 – A Structured (Blogging) Approach to Knowledge Management:

“… you would be able to go through an interesting read of how weblogging could become a quite interesting option to look at while building a robust, and very powerful, Knowledge Management System and almost at no costs, as opposed to what has happened so far where lots of different companies have spent millions of $$$ in order to build systems that hardly anybody uses for whatever the reason (Too complex, too cumbersome, too restricting, too limited, you name it).”

Social Media Attract Greater Attention

Carol Krol from BtoBOnline on blogs and other forms of social media are attracting more notice among business marketers:

“Novell said it currently has three strategic blogs: PR Blog, CTO Blog and CMO Blog, in addition to numerous employee blogs. The blogs enable Novell to converse with the external world, and that means both positive and negative feedback comes through (…)”

Should Small Businesses Care About Web 2.0 Marketing?

In his Marketing Excellence Blog Eric Kintz share trends through examples of small businesses that have been the first to capitalize on web 2.0 and have reaped early benefits:

  • Trend #1: Establish a blog as your primary web presence
  • Trend #2: Take advantage of emerging hyper local blogs
  • Trend #3: Use web 2.0 marketing to market to bloggers
  • Trend #4: Leverage emerging web 2.0 advertising platforms
  • Trend #5: explore emerging audio and video marketing (podcasting and vloging)