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Learning Enabled Business Transformation

The eLearning Forum has an excellent seminar and in-depth case study on a framework for “Learning Enabled Business Transformation”:

“Breakthrough technological solutions and business/process models create new opportunities for optimizing the 4 forms of intangible value/capital “Human, Customer, Partner, and Intellectual Property” to enable high performance.”

Approaches from “The Extended Enterprise” over “Strategy Mapping” and the “Balanced Scorecard” to “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)” are covered. The first presentation lay the foundation with the relevant business context and present the framework. This is followed up by the FCC Case study. The third presentation is about solutions integration, IT architecture and implementation using the SOA approach:

  • Learning-Enabled Business Transformation (mp3/ppt) [Duration: 00:53:52. This audio was added to eLearning Forum World on 2006-03-05.]
  • FCC Case Study (mp3/ppt) [Duration: 00:52:59. This audio was added to eLearning Forum World on 2006-03-05.]
  • The Technology View (mp3/ppt) [Duration: 01:05:27. This audio was added to eLearning Forum World on 2006-03-05.]

Two New Tools That CIOs Want

A recent McKinsey article, “Two new tools that CIOs want” (May 2006) (subscription required), noted:

“The software-as-a-service model can cut the total cost of deploying some classes of enterprise applications by 30 to 40 percent as compared with the total cost of purchasing and maintaining them in house. Of the senior IT executives we talked with, 38 percent said that they plan to use the software-as-a-service approach during the next 12 months.”

How Open Source Software Works

Lecture from Karim Lakhani at MIT OpenCourseWare:

“The open source software phenomenon opened peoples’ eyes to the potential power of innovation carried out by groups of volunteers with tools and coordination mechanisms. Karim Lakhani explains how OS works. He talks about community transparency and other organizational innovations that are used to achieve impressive results like Apache web server software and the Linux operating system.”