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Podcast from Curtis R. Carlson, President and CEO of SRI International on implications and opportunities for education and workplace learning:

“I was reading a report the other day that was evaluating the competitiveness and the ability to innovate of different countries around the world and one of the major conclusions of that study was that, the way people work together, the processes, the ideas, the concepts, the tools that they have is one of the most profound influences in the ability to be successful in today’s world. So to us, at SRI, that means innovation best practices that we bring and we teach to everybody at SRI, and as you mentioned, we have a workshop that we’ve given to major countries and companies and organizations around the world who want to learn from SRI those best practices to be able to innovate much faster.”

[Duration: 00:30:27. This audio was added to the executive podcast series “The World is Flat” on 2006-17-02.]


Download the podcast here. A transcript of this podcast can be found here.