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American economist Dr. Eilif Trondsen (SRI Consulting Business Intelligence) presented an E-learning framework that combines knowledge management, simulation, gaming and e-learning in their various forms. He went on to say that the previously rather formal learning process will become more informal, and explained that the Extended Internet is the most suitable method of communication to allow informal and individual learning networks to develop.

Launch the video presentation with synchronized slides here [Recorded: June, 2005 in Dresden, Germany. Duration: 00:36:20].

Dr. Eilif Trondsen, Head of the Learning On Demand Programme by SRI Consulting Business Intelligence, a spin-off of the Stanford Research Institute. The SRIC-BI combines content-based research programmes with corporate consulting. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Eilif Trondsen has developed extensive know-how in this area by managing and collaborating on various national and international projects. He is specifically concerned with electronically based learning (e-learning) and electronic commerce (e-commerce). Dr. Eilif Trondsen holds talks on developing strategies for e-learning, future developments in global business environments, e-commerce trends and strategic management planning at international conferences.

Career Stages:

  • Studied Economics at Jose State University, doctoral studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara.
  • Dr. Eilif Trondsen has taught Economics at San Jose State University, Chabot College and Saint Mary’s College.
  • Before working for SRIC-BI he researched oil and gas leasing deals, particularly in the North Sea.
  • He has written numerous reports and studies, and is the founder and chairman of the Emergent Learning Forum.

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