E-Learning in 2012

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Mark Harrison presents some thoughts around the future of learning, by looking back at innovations that were thought to make the difference, and by looking forward at how we will treat e-learning in 2012. He points out that back in 2000, nearly all of the technologies and breakthroughs that are core to e-learning today were already available:

“If you look back six years, to 2000, nearly all the emerging technologies that we cite as examples of informal learning – blogs, wikis, podcasting, were already here. We just hadn’t figured out their value, or given them a name yet.” He concluded that ensuring e-learning has a successful future means focusing on sustainable technologies. “Some of them won’t make it. Remember the laser disc? I personally don’t believe wikis and blogs will survive”.

View his presentation here. In Line56.com Demir Barlas presents his view why Mark’s predictions won’t play out. Time will tell who is on the right track. Check also trends 3 – 5 in the “Trends Watch” category on the right column of this blog.