The Future of Advertising Is Now

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“Advertising has already begun to follow interaction” is the result of a special report from Christopher Vollmer, John Frelinghuysen, and Randall Rothenberg from Booz Allen Hamilton in strategy+business:

“Consumers and the advertiser marketplace also confer increasing value on online communications vehicles because they make it easy for people to make connections and take action. Interactive appeals that invite audiences to vote via mobile phone, register an e-mail address at a company Web site, or test-drive automobiles at a promotional event can create opportunities to forge one-to-one relationships, thus creating value that can be monetized well beyond the initial impression. That ´s meaningful currency to marketers. The insights gained from these two-way solutions inform innovation priorities, offer real-time feedback on marketing programs, and, in some cases, even provide predictive input on product and service demand. Marketing can increasingly send data upstream to inform design and supply chain decisions for new products.”