Learning in Synch with Life: New Models, New Processes

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White Paper from George Siemens at Google’s 2006 Training Summit on key changes facing learners and organizations today:

  • “Societal changes: learners are changing due to technology emersion.
  • Technology: continual advances and innovation create expectations of end users for continual improvement and additional functionality.
  • Globalization: competition (and opportunities) are emerging in many markets not previously accessible by most corporations. Globalization requires awareness of the nuances of each market, while still achieving intended corporate goals and strategies.
  • Rapid pace of information development: information growth means that learners are no longer able to handle and make sense of everything on their own; they need to rely on technology and networks to store information and knowledge. New skills are required.
  • Decentralization: The center cannot hold. Complexity requires a breakdown of central elements to create structures that are capable of rapid adaptation and growth.”