The Promise of Knowledge Management

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Dave Pollard on efficiency, effectiveness or value of information processes or content: “Most organizations, too, refused to abandon the top-down centralized information model that was already in place, merely institutionalizing it with firewalls, access restrictions, monster centrally-managed one-size-fits-all databases and websites and over-engineered, over-managed collaboration and community-of-practice tools. Democratizing corporate information entails the devolution of decision-making and other power to front-line workers, and executives are understandably nervous about this.

(…) Step by step, here is what KM practitioners would need to do to realize this possibility:

  • Revamp and upgrade the role of Information Professionals from content managers to personal productivity enablers.
  • Reintermediate Information Professions to filter and add more value to external content.
  • Develop simple, automated, Pub & Sub mechanisms to encourage and enable workers to ‘publish’ their knowledge and subscribe to that of others, inside and outside the organization.
  • Create new media to allow workers to obtain and share ‘know-how’, ‘know-who’ and ‘know-what’ information from colleagues both inside and outside the organization.
  • Provide tools and information resources that enable and enhance solution co-development with clients.”