A Web 2.0 Scenario for Projects


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Rod Boothby in Innovation Creators on a web 2.0 scenario for projects:

“The idea is simple: one blog for each new project. A project page should do at least three things:

  • Improve communication within the project team
  • Make sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing by improving communication between the project team and the rest of the organization
  • Build a searchable reference for future use”
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  • Well – I wouldn’t make everyone come to my place. Let people decide for themselves how they are going to report – through their Blogger blogs, through their WordPress installation, their MySpace, whatever. Aggregate project members’ feeds (using a tag or filter as necessary to eliminate irrelevant results). Make the aggregated feed available as an RSS each project member can subscribe to.

    Why this way? Because it’s easier for the project members to contribute through their own individual environments and to read RSS through their own individual readers. And, since they don’t have to leave their own environment and go to yours, they’re more likely to notice what’s going on and to contribute.