Five Techniques for Using Web 2.0 to Reinvent the Customer Relationship


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Dion Hinchcliffe in SOA WebServices Journal on ways to apply Web 2.0 to building fuller, richer customer relationships:

The theory is that applying these techniques to the enterprise would result in much more vibrant, high-value relationships with customers and even suppliers and partners. Particularly in service industries, Web 2.0’s two-way conversations would provide instant feedback, rapid evolution of offerings through co-innovating with the people actually using the products, and even true symbiotic relationships where your customers are also your key suppliers. ”

Here is his list:

  • Dramatically Lower the Experience Barrier
  • Collect User (Customer) Contributions
  • Enable Formation of Communities
  • Become an Open Platform
  • Provide Self-Evolving Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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